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  • Our working team has more than 15-year-old experience in keeping the travel agency CHATA TOUR (originally for the clients coming from abroad). The project came into being on the basis of a growing demand of offering as high-quality service even for the home clientage. Those missed on Czech internet web searchers the sites, where only personally proved and quality object of a family character were presentated, from which they could easily and quickly choose the most suitable object for their holiday. Since 1.1.2005 we have managed to satisfy this request and we started the information and presentation server, which is focused on tourism.    
  • The server by its character enables to present accommodation facilities, travel agencies and all services, which are the „spices“ of tourism, in the internet catalogue. We carefully choose only the most attractive objects in the concrete area with the intention to vindicate the visitors of the website the demanded quality of services. Our goal is not the quantity of presented subjects, but especially their quality establishing the possibility of a long-term cooperation. Regarding the exclusive character of the presentation on our server we visit all objects in person. 
  • The presentation can be proposed by the owners or keepers of accommodation facilities, the keepers of travel agencies and services in tourism. On our server we present pensions, hotels, apartments, motels, camps, hostels, summer camps, chalets, cottages and other accommodation facilities. The presentation on our websites will bring you new customers, who will be happy to come back to you again. 
  • If you, as the owner of an accommodation facility, service or a travel agency, are interested in the presentation on our server and the linking-up, please, fill in the form in the reference „put in the catalogue“ - - we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a personal meeting and following advancement. 
  • In the detail of the description of each of the object you will find a detail infromation, a photogallery, orientation prices, direct contacts on owners or keepers, own websites of the object – in case of your interest you can turn right on them. If you prefer our references, please, send your demand on , we will be happy to help you with your choice. For the mediation of the staying you pay no other fee. 
  • Our effort is to develop constantly the level of the recreational objects presentation. Since the 1the of June we have prepared a new version of the websites, which ensures higher comfort both for keepers and visitors. 
  • In case of your questions, suggestions or fine prints, please, do not hesitate to contact us on our e-mail address, we will be happy to provide you as much information as possible.



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