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Name of service: Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor
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Type of service: Free-time activities

Country: Czech Republic
Region: Vysočina
Region: Žďárské vrchy
GPS: 49°28'29.013"N 16°12'31.091"E

Phone: +420 566 567 400
Mobil: +420 602 319 990
FAX: +420 566 567 400

Code of service: CZ-057b
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Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina
Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina
Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina
Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina

Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor, Dolní Rožínka

Výlety s ubytováním pro rodiny s dětmi Vysočina

The DraXmoor scary castle is one of the areas of the Šikland complex. It is a unique project located in a great building of a former castle cornloft from the 14th century, overlooking a dun lake (Trips with children Vysočina). The castle offers a scary-fantastic exposition combined with attractive exhibits, original cellar premises and a Medieval-fairy marked place. A 3D cinema will present a film which will take you into the world of fantasy in exquisit 3D pictures – the 3D technology. The castle offers a scary-fantastic exhibition (Experience programs for families with children Vysočina).

A 3D film in a 3D cinema will make you feel interested at the beginning, it will introduce you a local witch. Then you´ll go to dark corners of the castle (Holidays with children Vysočina). You will visit a real vampire reception, talking and moving witches, a live cemetery and many other creatures which will roll into you from all sides. You will find such attractions like a barrier-free lift with scary effects which ends up in the very hell (Entertainment for children in Vysočina). At the end a Medieval-fairy market place is to be found with a ginger bread Cottage, a jumping castle, fairy square with souvenirs and a stylist arms with fairy staff to provide you with refreshment (Magic nostrums, a children´s corner). In particular days a night light show with a midnight castle viewing is being prepared (Holidays with accommodation for families with children Vysočina).

Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina
Strašidelný zámek DraXmoor Dolní Rožínka - Vysočina

Hotelová ubytovna ŽĎAS
ubytování pro rodiny s dětmi Žďár nad Sázavou

Are you looking for a quality and cheap accommodation in the highlands at the same time? Hostel Žďas in Žďár nad Sázavou will ensure both comfortable and cheap accommodation in nicely equipped rooms with own facilities and quality recreational enjoyment in the highlands and near Žďár nad Sázavou. Chip cards instead of keys, own camera system and non-stop reception running are the advantages which will be appreciated both by vacationists and commercial travellers or employees in the area of the highlands. Uncontested prices and high quality of accommodation in one, that all and many others can be offered to our guests in the Hostel Žďas.

Šikland u Zvole nad Pernštejnem

The biggest theme place in the Czech Republic – a western village called Šiklův mlýn – welcomes all those who like fun, beautiful nature and active holidays with a colourful offer of original services (Active holidays with entertainment Vysočina). Šiklův mlýn is one of theme places of the Šikland complex. If you want to spend more time at us and take the advantage of the majority of attractions, we have prepared various types of accommodation of various prices for you: from luxurious hotels, chalets, cottages to a campsite which is an ideal choice for as accommodation with children in Vysočina (Luxurious hotel for families with children Vysočina). The Colorado Grand Hotel *** is in a Mexican style and it offers comfort and style, The Colorado Grand dependance is a great solution for bigger groups or hedge schools and there is a Crazy River Campsite, with a very luxurious equipment. It combines a pleasant background and beautiful nature (Accommodation for hedge schools in Vysočina). The hotel only offers accommodation in summer months (July and August), (Summer accommodation Vysočina).

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